Video Teller Machine Kiosk/VTM Kiosk

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ONTECH video teller machine kiosk is also called VTM banking kiosk, which is specially design for banks, finanacial instituations halls. It can allow customers to proceed their banking business by themselves on the VTM kiosk via the video interaction with remote bank staff, meanwhile increase the banking service time, reduce running bank cost, and establish a intelligent bank image.

Functions Description:

Open/close bank accounts, report loss of bank card, online bank business, change pass word, money transfer, money deposit, money withdrawl, paying bills, moble phone top-up, bank business checking/consulting/promotion, advertising, etc...

Technical SPECS:

Industrial PC controller(Windows, Linux)

15, 17, 19, 21.5“ touch screen

15, 17, 19, 21.5“, 27", 32" or larger advertising screen

LAN or WLAN(WiFi, 3G/4G router)

★ Bank card reader+EPP

★ Contactless card reader/NFC reader/RFID reader

Receipt printer

★ Motorized card dispenser/card printer

Signature pad+stylus pen

★ A4 document scanner/High shoot camera

★ HD video camera/facial recogniton camera

★ Ukey dispenser

★ Handphone set

★ Biometric devices: fingerprint scanner, Iris scanner, palm vein scanner

★ Sensors: body sensor, open door alarm sensor, vibration sensor, etc.

Speaker: voice guide

Optional Components:

UPS: uninterrupted Power Supply

★Cash acceptor(single note or bulk note cash acceptor)

★ Cash dispenser(single note or bulk note cash dispenser)

★ Cash recycler

★ Coin modules: coin acceptor/coin dispenser

★ Barcode scanner

★ A4 document printer

★ CCTV camera+Digital video recorder


Other components can be added upon request, OEM/ODM service available

Customized Color
Customized SPECS